Find the Right Home to Build at the Right Price

We know it can be pretty daunting with all of the options available when looking at building a kitset house. So we put together this quick start guide to get you going.

 The basics and what you need to know.

kitset home landFirst of all you’re going to need some land and work out your price budget money. Now everybody’s situation is different so we won’t spend too much time on this part. If you don’t have the land and money go and talk to a bank, and if you don’t like talking to banks go and talk to a mortgage broker who can shop around for you and knows the ropes.

Mortgage brokers get paid by the bank so let them do the work.

You’d also be surprised at how creative financing can be when it comes to a new build. Different types of loans are available such as progress loans. This is where you only borrow a little bit at a time to fund the next stage of building and then once that stage is complete the bank lends you the next potion based on the new value of the property.

Now that you’ve got the cash go forth and find the land. Again everybody’s different here but keep in mind what your budget and end building goal is. Also don’t scrimp on things like engineering reports etc. They can save you a bundle down the road. Also think before you buy that cheap piece of land way down the back with no services, no access, on a steep slope and with unstable soil. Sure you’re going to save some cash now but how much will it cost you during the building process to overcome those factors?

Okay now go grab a LIM report from the council, this will help you in sorting out a site plan. Wellington, Auckland and kitset home planningChristchurch residents just approach your local council.

It’s window shopping time now. Choose the kitset home that fits your dreams or your price, depending on your situation of course. Take your time and never ever sign up to anything too quick. Check out different styles, go visit showrooms and talk to others that have been in your situation. Hell even google the company and add the word “scam” “problems” or “review” after their name. This will show if anybody has vented online about the company you’re looking into.

Remember it’s a lot of money and you want to do it right.

Oh i almost forgot to mention. One of the great things is flexibility. Do you want to be handed the keys to your new home and not even think about i? Or do you want to project manage some of it/all of it and build some of it/all of it? What about just getting the plan and materials from the kitset company and then finding your own builder?

Loads of ways to save money if you like and not just on the materials either. Do the plastering. Paint the walls. get your electrician friend to do the wiring for a box of beers. Take all of this into account. but don’t rose tint it either. It can be a stressful job if you project manage and do some/all of the work yourself.

kitset home ownersWork it all out, sign the paperwork and hand over some cash as a deposit. Now go get consent from the council, the company you signed with will give you a hand with the application process. Be aware that the wheels of power grind slowly so it can take from 14 days to 8 weeks to obtain it.

Now the build. Shortest sentence on this page but the longest part in real time generally.

Finished. Grab a code of compliance and move into your humble new dwelling.


KEY POINT: Be smart, research well but don’t get bogged down in little details and let them derail you from the big picture. If in doubt ask.







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